Elba Esther Gordillo Morales Relatives Establish Companies at a Mansion Purchased with Allegedly Embezzled Funds from the SNTE

  • One of the companies will deal with real estate and the other the commercialization of leather goods.
  • The property is located in Coronado, California, with an estimated value of several million dollars.

Mexico City, October 17 2017 – An investigation by ChedrauiLeaks has learned that Elba Esther Gordillo Morales’ daughter and grandson established two previously unreported companies in January 2017 using the address of one of the Coronado Cay mansions she is accused of buying with allegedly embezzled funds from the teacher’s union (SNTE) she once led.

ChedrauiLeaks spokesperson Rigoberto Valdez points out on January 9, 2017 Gordillo’s daughter Maricruz Montelongo Gordillo and Montelongo’s son Rene Fujiwara Montelongo (formerly a deputy from the Nueva Alianza) together filed an initial State of California corporation report for a company named “529-531 G Street LLC” with the purpose of the company as “to have ownership and administration of Real Estate (rental) property.”

“The company’s address of 23 Green Turtle Road, Coronado Cay, California, a multi-million dollar home owned in the name of Comercializadora TTS, S.A. de C.V., is linked to the former teachers’ leader”, Valdez explained.

The second company established by Esther Gordillo’s relatives is “Moddington LLC” but with Rene Fujiwara as the sole officer. The company’s initial corporate report states that its purpose is “to import and to commercialize leather goods.”  The registered address for “Moddington LLC” is also 23 Green Turtle.

The ChedrauiLeaks investigation reveals that the name of the first company (529-531 G Street) corresponds with a property owned by Rene Fujiwara located in Chula Vista, California.  A search of San Diego County and other area property records have not revealed that the LLC with that name currently owns any property.

Rene Fujiwara Montelongo was a deputy for the Nueva Alianza Party representing part of the Federal District in the LXII Legislature of the Mexican Congress.

Elba Esther Gordillo Morales was arrested in February, 2013, and she is currently being detained, awaiting a final resolution of her legal status.  Due to health issues, since January 2016, Gordillo had been staying under guard at the Maria Jose Roma Hospital in Mexico City, but after the earthquake of September 9th she was transferred to the MediAcces clinic on Avenida de las Palmas 500.

Some of the original charges against her have been dropped, but she is still reportedly facing charges of money laundering and organized crime.

There is no record in San Diego County of the Mexican or U.S. governments seeking to seize or prevent the sale of any of the California properties linked to Gordillo Morales.

Rigoberto Valdez noted that the investigation of the powerful teachers’ leader revealed that Jose Manuel Diaz Flores, one of the individuals arrested as a consequence of the charges against the teachers’ leader and who is still being held in prison, was an employee of the Chedraui family company Su Personal Paguitos S.A. de C.V., which provided administrative services to the Chedraui family entity Consupago.  Consupago, along with its affiliate Consubanco, provides high interest personal loans to teachers and other government employees throughout Mexico.

Valdez stated that he is not aware of any information linking any member of the Chedraui family or any of its companies with any wrongdoing in Gordillo Morales related cases.

Documents from the State of California on 529-531 G Street LLC and Moddington LLC can be found at http://ChedrauiLeaks.org/Gordillo/?lang=en


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