Chedraui Family Cafés: Two Company Profiles

  ChedrauiLeaks is researching the Chedrauis’ extensive network of businesses. The following post profiles two related companies. Cafeterias Rapidas is the only licensee publicly registered to use the Don Justo brand for coffee (as of March 11, 2020) and was …

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Chedraui family form financial technology startup in October 2019

Image of pesos and dollars

One of the newest Chedraui family investments through their venture capital firm Cubo Capital is named Bankaya SAPI de CV. Bankaya’s insiders include a number of long-time Chedraui associates including Alfredo Mauricio Flores Ibarrola, Joaquín González Gutiérrez and Pablo Prudencio …

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Fernandez Chedraui co-founded companies: Five company profiles

  ChedrauiLeaks is taking a close look at the Chedraui Obeso family’s business ventures. The following post profiles five companies total: Four were co-founded by all five of Antonio and Alfredo Chedraui Obeso’s Fernandez Chedraui nephews: Manuel, Antonio, Rodrigo, Carlos …

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