Superyacht for sale: Tsumat, controlled by Alfredo Chedraui Obeso

Tsumat (Photo copyright Marinko Radulic, All Rights Reserved)

ChedrauiLeaks found a luxury yacht broker listing the superyacht Tsumat for sale: click here for the broker’s website. The asking price was not publicly listed. Tsumat was last registered by the international maritime industry’s ship tracking system in Mazatlán in September 2020, after spending most of the year along the coast of Baja California.

Alfredo Chedraui Obeso controlled the Tsumat as apoderado of two companies registered in Veracruz (Trayectos del Mar SA de CV and Rutas Navales SA de CV) which were the indirect owners of the Tsumat through an ownership structure previously profiled by ChedruaiLeaks. The four founding shareholders of Trayectos del Mar SA de CV and Rutas Navales SA de CV were a chauffeur, an executive assistant, an accountant, and the Grupo Comercial Chedraui construction director, Alejandro Lara Hakim.

The Chedraui family has no shortage of vacation options, including:

ChedrauiLeaks will keep an eye out for whether the Chedraui family replaces the Tsumat with another luxury ship. If you spot anything, you can send us an email at or DM us on Facebook or Twitter.