Joaquín Arrangoiz paid $2.2 million for two San Diego condos

700 West E Street, San Diego, California 92101(left, view from Kettner Blvd on Google StreetView) and 1205 Pacific Highway, San Diego (right, from Google Maps/Google Earth)

Joaquín Arrangoiz paid $1,261,000 for 1205 Pacific Highway #3502 in San Diego, California in September 2005. Joaquín Arrangoiz also paid $957,400 in January 2008 for 700 West E Street #2702, in San Diego, California. Arrangoiz’s deeds for 700 West E Street #2702 provided his mailing address as Periférico Sur 4121, Col. Fuentes del Pedregal 14141 in Mexico City, which was the TV Azteca corporate office address according to its 2008 annual report to shareholders. We believe based on the TV Azteca address and the similarity of Arrangoiz’s signature on deeds for both properties, that both properties are owned by the same person, Joaquín Arrangoiz Orvañanos.

Joaquín Arrangoiz Orvañanos has been a member of the Board of Directors of TV Azteca since 1998. He is also the head of sales and business relationships for Grupo Salinas. TV Azteca is a Grupo Salinas company. We recently revealed that another Grupo Salinas company, Advance America, gave $250,000 to the Trump inauguration.

On April 18, 2014, Joaquín Arrangoiz transferred his ownership in 1205 Pacific Highway #3502 to his wholly-owned California company, Inmobiliaria JAO, LLC. He declared in the transfer deed that the property transfer “is between an individual and a legal entity that results solely in a change in the method of holding title to the real property, and in which proportional ownership interests in the real property remain the same immediately after the transfer”.

Property Detail Report for 700 West E Street #2702
Deed for 700 West E Street #2702
Deed Correction for 700 West E Street #2702
Property Detail Report for 1205 Pacific Highway #3502
2005 Deed for 1205 Pacific Highway #3502
2014 Deed for 1205 Pacific Highway #3502