Chedraui workers in Mexico get to wear masks – but not El Super/Fiesta Mart workers in the United States

Chedraui cashiers get to wear masks at work amid the coronavirus pandemic in Mexico.  Yet El Super workers report getting nothing in the United States which has the most cases in the world (100,000 and counting).  Photos from Mexico follow below.

The Chedraui family could easily get around supply shortages in the US and problems crossing the border – they could just fill their two jets with masks and fly them to El Super and Fiesta Mart workers!

US grocery union members demanded and won $2 / hour emergency pay at union grocery stores and El Super followed behind.

Grupo Comercial Chedraui and its US supermarket chains El Super and Fiesta Mart should provide:

  • masks and gloves for every worker
  • hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for every worker and at every workstation,
  • time to sanitize checkout areas and other high-touch areas
  • a limit on the number of customers in stores to eliminate crowding

El Super and Fiesta Mart along with Chedraui in Mexico are all part of the same grocery market chain (Grupo Comercial Chedraui) primarily owned by members of the Chedraui Obeso family.

Chedraui stores in Mexico: