Photo from Eagle County Assessor’s Office for 728 W. Lionshead Circle #R-512 in Vail, Colorado.

Bamizi Enterprises LLC, a Colorado company, bought Unit R-512 for $3,330,000 in 2015. The documents we have examined from Eagle County, Colorado do not show who owns Bamizi Enterprises LLC. But some of the documents do identify Carlos Felipe Levy Covarrubias as the company’s manager as shown below.

Carlos Felipe Levy Covarrubias is a private investor. He was a director of Grupo Posadas SAB de CV as of year-end 2015. will continue to research Bamizi Enterprises LLC and Carlos Felipe Levy Covarrubias and publish any new findings.

November 25, 2014:

Articles of Organization for Bamizi Enterprises, LLC were filed with the Colorado Secretary of State listing the company’s principal address as 728 W. Lionshead Circle, Unit 512, Vail, CO.

December 11, 2014:

Bamizi Enterprises, LLC executed a limited Power of Attorney granting James Wm. Stovall of Colorado the authority to execute documents on behalf of Bamizi Enterprises for the purchase, financing, or sale of 728 W. Lionshead Circle, Unit 512, Vail, CO.

Carlos Felipe Levy Covarrubias signed the Power of Attorney as Manager of Bamizi Enterprises, LLC.

January 13, 2015:

Bamizi Enterprises, LLC, bought condominium unit R-512 at “WDL VAIL” in Eagle County, Colorado from RCR Vail LLC. The purchase price was $3,330,000.

Bamizi Enterprises accepted the deed on January 16, 2015, as signed by James Wm. Stovall as Attorney in Fact for Carlos Felipe Levy Covarrubias, Manager.

January 16, 2015:

Bamizi Enterprises, LLC borrowed $2,664,000 from Credit Suisse Lending, LLC with 728 West Lionshead Circle, #R-512, Vail CO as collateral. The Deed of Trust filed in Eagle County, CO in connection with the borrowing shows that Unit R-512 at “WDL VAIL” is the same property.

Based on our review of the condominium plat recorded by RCR Vail LLC, we believe the “Unit 512” referred to in some of Bamizi’s earlier filings is the same property as “#R-512”.