• Alejandro Ramírez Magaña, former Chedraui director, stands out among Donald Trump’s neighbors
  • Altogether the properties are worth roughly $50 million dollars

Mexico City. April 27, 2017 – revealed a list of six Mexican businessmen tied to the ownership of condos in the exclusive Trump Tower New York City. Alejandro Ramírez Magaña, a former Director of Grupo Chedraui and the current CEO of Cinépolis, stands out among the businessmen.  Ramírez Magaña, in his role as chairman of the Mexican Council of Business, is participating in renegotiation planning for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The report specifies that Ramírez Magaña, who just yesterday assumed the chairmanship of Mexico First, an organization dedicated to advancing education in Mexico, bought his combined unit (comprised of units 61A and 61B) for $9.5 million USD in 2013 located on the 61st floor. Donald Trump’s penthouse suite occupies floors 66-68 above.

The other businessmen tied to properties in Trump Tower are:

  • Melchor Perusquia Viesca, son of Acapulco developer Melchor Perusquia Villareal (who had close ties to President Miguel Alemán Valdés). Perusquia Viesca controlled the Curaçao-registered company that bought the unit now worth around $3.5 million (estimated at $3,096 per square foot). That company owns the property to this day. The condo unit is 60C.
  • Andrea Azcárraga, CEO of a real estate company owned by the family of Rogerio Azcárraga Madero (Chairman of Radio Fórmula and nephew of Emilio Azcárraga Vidaurreta). Her company owns the combined units 59C, 59D and 59M, worth around $10.6 million USD (est.).
  • Elías Sacal Cababie and Marcos Sacal Cohen. Elías ran Bay View Grand, which describes itself as “the most prestigious and renowned Mexican real estate development company.” The Sacals bought units 57C, 58C and 58D for a total of $10.25 million in 2015, although the 58th floor units are now for sale as of April 26, 2017.
  • Leonfelipe Echeverría Andrade, grandnephew of President Luis Echeverría Álvarez and son of former PRI legislator Rodolfo Echeverría Ruiz. Was an officer of American Mouse Ltd of the British Virgin Islands which owns unit 50D worth $3.3 million (est.).
  • Juan Francisco Beckmann Vidal, along with his wife Maria de Jesus Dora Legorreta Santos, and his son, Juan Domingo Beckmann Legorreta, were the sole shareholders of a Luxembourg company through which they own Trump Tower condos 31D, 31E, 31F (which Bloomberg News found last year) and previously unrevealed unit 32D. Together the four condos are worth around $13.5 million (est.).

Altogether the condo units are worth roughly $50 million USD, calculated at an average price of $3,096 per square foot, using past sales analysis by

Chedrauileaks notes that while Chedraui family members do not own any property in Trump Tower property, they do own properties in Vail, Colorado which is another US power center for Mexican elites.

Ownership documentation for each of the condos is available online at:


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