Marco Antonio Slim Domit and his grandmother’s heirs inherited and sold this land in Texas

The view (in 2013) from the southeast of a tract of land in Harris County Texas once owned by Marco Antonio Slim Domit’s maternal grandmother (Google Maps/StreetView)

Marco Antonio Slim Domit and all of his grandmother’s surviving heirs and descendants at the time (María Guadalupe Lily Domit Gemayel de Huerta, Antonio Domit Gemayel, Michel Domit Gemayel, Patricia Palazuelos de Domit, Patrick Slim Domit, Carlos Slim Domit, Soumaya Slim Domit, Vanessa Slim Domit and Johanna Slim Domit) sold 43.295 acres outside Houston, Texas to Westhill Ltd., a Cayman Islands company, in May 2003. The sale price was not publicly disclosed. Westhill Ltd. sold the land in August 2003, for at least $1,007,500 (the exact price was not publicly disclosed).

Signature of Marco Antonio Slim Domit on the May 2003 Deed.

The president of Westhill Ltd. at the time of sale, Emil A. Nakfoor, had known the grandmother, Lily Gemayel Domit and her daughter, Carlos Slim Helú’s wife, Soumaya Domit Gemayel, from 1960 until their deaths in 1998 and 1999.  Lily Gemayel Domit had purchased the land in 1973 for an undisclosed sum from Invest-Mentor of Texas, Inc.

Marco Antonio Slim Domit is Chairman of Grupo Financiero Inbursa (as of July 5, 2017). He and other members of the Slim family together were the controlling shareholders of GF Inbursa (as of July 5, 2017 when we checked the GF Inbursa website). Marco Antonio Slim Domit is also a director of Grupo Carso, the conglomerate largely owned by the Slim family.


1973 Deed from Invest-Mentor of Texas, Inc. to Lily Gemayel Domit
2003 Deed from Lily Gemayel Domit heirs to Westhill Ltd.
2003 Deed from Westhill Ltd. to purchaser
2003 Affidavit by Emil A. Nakfoor

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