Carlos Rodrigo Fernández Ávila and Gabriela Servitje de Fernández Own a Vail, Colorado Timeshare

Carlos R. Fernández Ávila and Gabriela Servitje de Fernández together bought one “time-span” in a timeshare at the Marriott Streamside Evergreen in Vail, Colorado for $22,400 in 1993. The purchase price is based on $2.24 in state tax shown on the deed, which at the time was paid at $0.01 for every $100 in value (C.R.S. 39-13-102).

Return mailing address on the 1993 Deed

Carlos and Gabriela still owned the timeshare “time-span” as recently as April, 2017 according to a notice filed in Eagle County Colorado. We were unable to find a deed of sale as of the date this post was published.

Carlos Rodrigo Fernández Ávila is the son of Justo Felix Fernández Lopez and Alicia Ávila de Fernández Alicia’s father Maximino Avila Camacho was governor of Puebla and her uncle (Manuel Avila Camacho) was president of Mexico.

The “Carlos R. Fernández Ávila” named on the land records for the Vail timeshare is the same Carlos Rodrigo Fernández Ávila.

Estela Chedraui Obeso and Irma Chedraui Obeso were married to two of Carlos’s brothers.

Antonio Chedraui Obeso and Alfredo Chedraui Obeso are Irma and Estela’s brothers.


1993 Deed
2017 Notice

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