Miguel Antonio Ruiz Ortiz was a managing director of a Netherlands Antilles company that owned Vail condominiums

Photo of 1650 Fallridge Road in Vail, Colorado from the Eagle County Assessor’s Office

Cape Shirley N.V., a Netherlands Antilles corporation purchased Unit 314 of 1650 Fall Ridge Road in Vail, Colorado for $198,000 on October 31, 1980. The company was incorporated in Curacao on June 6, 1980. ChedrauiLeaks was unable to find any loans recorded with Eagle County for the purchase, and we believe that the purchase is what is known as a “cash purchase.”

A 1993 Cape Shirley N.V. board resolution identified Miguel Antonio Ruiz and Miriam Zavala de Ruiz as two of the company’s managing directors. Cape Shirley N.V. sold the condo for $200,000 on February 17, 1994. Miguel A. Ruiz Ortiz and Miriam Zavala de Ruiz signed the deed as Managing Directors of Cape Shirley N.V.

Signatures of Miguel Ruiz Ortiz and Miriam Zavala de Ruiz on the 1994 deed

The condo was valued at $797,880 for tax purposes as of May 3, 2018.

Cape Shirley N.V. also owned Unit 205 at 1650 Fallridge Road in Vail from 1991 to 1997 and 1548 Matterhorn Circle #3 in Vail from 1997 to 2015.

Miguel Antonio Ruiz Ortiz is the son of Valentín Ruiz Obregón, popularly known as the “Slim of Veracruz.” Miguel’s brother, Valentín Manuel Ruiz Ortiz, was reportedly considered the wealthiest businessman in Veracruz until his death in 2014. Valentín Ruiz Ortiz and his children were named in the Panama Papers in connection with other companies.

Miguel Ruiz Ortiz’s niece, Maria Esther “Tete” Ruiz Anitua (daughter of Valentín Ruiz Ortiz) is married to Justo Felix Fernandez Chedraui. Tete’s cousin, Mariana Ruiz Hidalgo, is married to Antonio Fernandez Chedraui.

Justo Felix Fernandez Chedraui and Antonio Fernandez Chedraui are the nephews of Antonio and Alfredo Chedraui Obeso.


ChedrauiLeaks.org has noticed that the media in Mexico contains very little information about the business dealings and personal assets in the United States of what could be termed Mexican elites, wealthy business people and politicians. ChedrauiLeaks is not stating that members of the Chedraui family or its businesses had any involvement with Cape Shirley N.V. or this condo unit.