Jose Chedraui Budib’s brother and sister-in-law created California company in 2015 named “Elite Premium Financial Services, LLC”

View of 1750 Avenida del Mundo in Coronado, California.

Elite Premium Financial Services, LLC was formed in California in March 2015 by a corporate services company. On October 27, 2015, Ramon Chedraui Budib signed a statement to the state of California that he and his wife Mariel Miguel Gabriel controlled the company. On this statement, Ramon Chedraui Budib reported the company’s address as a condo which is owned by his brother Jose Chedraui Budib. Jose Chedraui Budib received this condo in 2014 from his father through what ChedrauiLeaks exposed as an apparently fraudulent transaction based on county filings.

Ramon Chedraui Budib registered the business purpose of Elite Premium Financial Services, LLC as “financial services.”

As of October 31, 2019 (through Oct. 30, 2019), the California Secretary of State reports that Elite Premium Financial Services, LLC is suspended by both the California Secretary of State and the Franchise Tax Board.

According to an October 31, 2019 California Franchise Tax Board entity status letter, Elite Premium Financial Services, LLC is not in good standing with the franchise tax board.

When the franchise tax board suspends companies, it is because they failed to meet tax requirements which may include filing a tax return, according to the California Secretary of State. We don’t know whether the company owed any taxes.

The California Secretary of State routinely suspends companies for failure to file a statement of information, which California LLCs must do every 2 years. Elite Premium Financial Services, LLC did not file a statement of information in 2017. The window for the company to file a second statement of information would have been between October 2016 and March of 2017.

In the 2015 state filing, the same same luxury condo address, 1750 Avenida del Mundo #1504 in Coronado, CA, is provided as the principal address of the company, the street address of the company’s California office and separately as the address of both Ramon Chedraui Budib and Mariel Miguel Gabriel.

Signature of Ramon Chedraui Budib on Elite Premium Financial Services, LLC 2015 statement of information.

Unit 1504 came under scrutiny in 2016, when ChedrauiLeaks exposed an apparently fraudulent transaction involving this property and Ramon Chedraui Budib’s brother Jose Chedraui Budib and late father Jose Chedraui Alam. Jose Chedraui Alam died in Feburary 2013, but according to a Grant Deed filed on July 2014, Chedraui Alam had supposedly appeared with his wife before a San Diego notary on July 11, 2014 and signed a deed gifting #1504 to ‘Jose Chedraui.’

In September 2015, Jose Chedraui Budib’s wife Maria Elisa Budib bought Unit 504 in the same building, 1750 Avenida del Mundo, for $2,500,000.