A Chedraui Family Trust Owns Estimated $2 Million of San Diego, California Real Estate: Part 5

Ana Maria Chedraui Obeso bought 1389 Vallejo Mills Street in Chula Vista, California in October, 2009, for $342,000.  Ana María Chedraui, as Ana María Chedraui Obeso, signed a deed selling the property to Ana María Chedraui Obeso, as Trustee of The Velche Irrevocable Trust dated December 17, 2012 on May 30, 2013, for $350,000.  ChedrauiLeaks was unable to find any loans recorded with San Diego County for the purchase, and we believe that the purchase is what is known as a “cash purchase.”  The property was assessed at $380,371 for 2017 tax purposes.

View of 1389 Vallejo Mills Street in Chula Vista, California 91913

Ana María Chedraui Obeso (also known as Ana María Chedraui de Velasco) is married to David Velasco Aldave, which we believe explains the name of the Trust (“VEL” + “CHE”).

Signature of Ana Maria Chedraui Obeso on the 2013 Deed

Their children include David Velasco Chedraui, who represented part of Xalapa for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the 2013-2016 Veracruz state legislature and before that was a PRI mayor of Xalapa.  In 2017, David Velasco Chedraui was chosen by the Veracruz state council of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) to run for mayor of Xalapa but the national party council substituted another candidate.

Antonio and Alfredo Chedraui Obeso are Ana María’s brothers.


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