Emilio Hank revealed as Elba Esther Gordillo’s buyer for San Diego mansion

San Diego, November 20, 2019 – An investigation by ChedrauiLeaks has revealed Hank family ties to the purchase of Elba Esther Gordillo’s seaside mansion outside San Diego for $3.75 million on November 14, 2019. ChedrauiLeaks, as a result of its investigation, believes that the name “Emilio Hank,” as the name is signed on loan documents and corporate records for the transaction, identifies the son of Jorge Hank Rhon, Emilio Hank Talancón. Public records connect addresses used by Emilio Hank in the Gordillo transaction to a close associate of Emilio Hank Talancón (Guido Murguia) and separately a businessman (Arturo Alemany) whose clients included the Jorge Hank Rhon family company Grupo Caliente.

For her part, Elba Esther Gordillo’s rumored companion Luis Antonio Lagunas Gutiérrez traveled to San Diego to sign the deed for the sale on behalf of the Gordillo-connected company that had originally purchased the mansion for $4 million in 2010, Comercializadora TTS de Mexico SA de CV.

Excerpt of Deed

Public records in the United States do not typically reveal the identities of people behind companies when they are used to purchase multi-million dollar properties. However, ChedrauiLeaks believes that the “Emilio Hank” name, appearing in public records connection with other names (Arturo Alemany and Guido Murguia) that are Hank family associates, refers to Emilio Hank Talancón, the son of Jorge Hank Rhon.

Emilio Hank, as manager of a Delaware company named “1 Green Turtle LLC,” signed a loan document for $3.4 million, secured by the mansion, on November 14, 2019.

Excerpt of Deed of Trust

The loan document provided a mailing address, “1 Green Turtle LLC” at another million-dollar seaside home nearby, 53 Spinnaker Way, Coronado CA.

Excerpt of Deed of Trust

The deed for Gordillo’s sale also provided the same mailing address for Emilio Hank himself.

Excerpt of Deed

The owner of that address – 53 Spinnaker Way – was a company, “53 Spinnaker Way LLC,” and the owner of “53 Spinnaker Way LLC” was Arturo Alemany as of April, 2018.

Excerpt of Deed

Address of property (Excerpt)

Arturo Alemany was president and CEO of MIR International Services, Inc. Grupo Caliente was a client of MIR International Services, Inc. according to the MIR website.

Excerpt from website

Emilio Hank signed and filed a California registration statement for “1 Green Turtle LLC,” on October 17, 2019 and listed his mailing address as 420 Stevens Avenue, Suite 310, in Solana Beach, California.

Excerpt (1 Green Turtle LLC)

The same address was registered with California in August, 2019, for a company named “Hamco Expeditions LLC” by Guido Murguia.

Excerpt (Hamco Expeditions LLC)

A person by the same name (Guido Murguia) was CFO of Caliente Interactive, itself a subsidiary of Grupo Caliente.


Comercializadora TTS de México SA de CV was founded by Elba Esther Gordillo’s mother Zoila Estela Morales Ochoa in 2006 and purchased the mansion for $4 million in 2010, the year after Morales Ochoa died. Ownership of Comercializadora TTS de Mexico was later revealed by Reforma to be part of a multimillion dollar inheritance passed to Gordillo. Comercializadora TTS de Mexico ultimately sold the property for slightly less than what it paid: $3.75 million according to the documentary transfer tax on the deed of sale.


1 Green Turtle Road, Coronado California

53 Spinnaker Way, Coronado California

420 Stevens Avenue, Suite 310, Solana Beach, California

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